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The 5 steps to take to avoid paying fines for non-compliance:

  1. Knowledge - It is important to understand how the GDPR applies to your organisation.
  2. Put someone in charge - You may need to appoint a data protection officer
  3. Check your procedure (both internal and external) - It would be useful to develop a guidebook of procedures for your business.
  4. Meet technical requirements -  The GDPR has some explicit requirements, for example responding to customer complaints within 30 days. 
  5. Define a governance structure - Your business should have a governance structure in mind to ensure that your processes keep up with any GDPR changes. 

Ensure you are compliant in advance of 25th May 2018 to avoid paying hefty fines for non-compliance

The Government has confirmed that the UK’s decision to leave the EU will not affect the commencement of the GDPR.

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Did you know you can be fined up to 4% of global turnover or up to 20 million euros?

GDPR Audit for Businesses

Provide a GDPR Guide

GDPR policy for employees

Draft Privacy and Cookie Policies 

Provide ongoing advice

Amendments to current & GDPR policies/contracts 

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